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Allied Auto Parts

Frequently Asked Questions

General Policy

Our sales people will engage an order for you, and through our system, we will do our best to fill your order. We will primarily try and supply good and usable recyclable parts no matter how far and wide we have to go to search them out for your needs. Where good used parts are not available, new or rebuilt exchange parts will be supplied. Transportation costs, where applicable, are additional.

Tires, Glass, etc.

We have a very strong tire department, which is complemented by a good stock of wheels and the facilities to mount and balance and rotate your purchases as needed. Our glass department is also well stocked and able to handle your needs no matter whether it is being done through insurance or privately.


Most recycled parts are priced between 1/3 and 2/3 of new retail value. Obsolete parts are priced more according to availability and condition, and labour intensive items according to time spent.

If a good used part is not available, a new or exchange rebuilt part will be supplied at the discount pricing (normally factory wholesale cost) plus a 15% handling charge, so that either way, used or new, we try to save you money.

How Soon Will I Have the Parts?

The speed with which your part is supplied will depend on the following:
How many orders are in process ahead of you
Whether your part(s) is a shelf item, or whether the item(s) has yet to be removed off a vehicle, locally or abroad

We always appreciate the time to clean, check and test our part(s) before they are supplied. Remember our system covers not only merchandise right on the shelves in our building but also parts from our yard, our annex or warehouse, etc. We also will run your request through our network of other recycling centres in and around Winnipeg, Headingly, Transcona, Selkirk, Gimli, Winkler, Brandon, Flin Flon, etc., in an ever broadening circle, until the parts are located and brought in for your order. They are inspected on arrival, cleaned or serviced if necessary, and when the parts are ready, you will be called. If we are not successful at reaching you when the parts are ready, we will drop you a reminder in the mail. We would ask that you pay special attention to the number on the lower left corner of your removal order – this number is committed to your order alone, and it acts as a guide or computer tracking number. Our system normally covers many sources in a short period of time. It is eventually transmitted through a parts find system that covers many provinces across the country. Incoming transport charges are additional. If we are not able to find your parts, there is NO CHARGE FOR OUR SERVICE!


We have the facility and the expertise to install almost all of the parts we sell. Our rates are very competitive, and generally, we have the backup materials to minimize downtime. We have several “loaner cars” which can be made available on a priority basis. Our shop performs Autopac related work and has done so since Autopac was conceived in 1969.

Custom Repair or Overhaul of Your Part

Often it is quicker, or more practical, to perform a repair on your own part. In many cases, the price falls substantially below that of a replacement. However, price notwithstanding, the fit is assured since the unit originated on your vehicle, and often, delivery time is quicker than the supply of a replacement or exchange. In most cases, our salespeople can provide you with the labour costs of this type of repair or overhaul. In some cases, to speed up the repair or to provide parts for the repair, another unit will be supplied/exchanged at nominal pricing.

We are able to provide repair or overhaul on most automotive items: electrical (starters, alternators, window motors, distributors, cruise transducers, etc.), hydraulics (power steering pumps, control valves, power steering and manual steering boxes, brake master cylinders, etc.), power brake boosters, cylinder heads, differentials, drive shafts, transmissions, engines, radiators, heater cores, air conditioning compressors, heater motors, etc. Our sales people can give you further information and product coverage. Remember that we turn brake drums and brake rotors as well.

Cancellations and Refunds

Any part order can be cancelled, and a FULL REFUND of your deposit returned, providing that the part(s) in question are not already en route or committed. Also, if you should find the parts on your own, we would request that you communicate with us ahead of your purchase so we can confirm that there are no committed parts and cancel the order in our system.


Most recycled parts are warrantied from 30 days to 90 days. Items such as processed motors, transmissions, differentials, electrical, etc. generally carry the 3 month warranty. If a part should fail, usually a replacement will be supplied. Improper installation, abuse, failure of attaching or related parts, etc. are not considered warrantied. Hotel bills, towing, storage, U-drives and other attaching costs are not covered. An item qualifying for warranty which was installed here will be reinstalled with no charge for that part of the installation labour (with some exceptions). Often we will install items on your vehicle which were not originally installed here, without charge for labour. However, this will be at the discretion of the claims person adjusting the transaction. With the sale of motors, differentials, etc., often many accessories and attaching parts are supplied at no extra cost. These are left on as a convenience. However, they are not covered by warranty, and our suggestion is that you use the best of our or your accessories. Since the product is sold normally on an exchange basis, a return of each of the extra parts supplied come back with the “core” or “exchange”. Cores or exchanges should be brought back within 30 days. If you feel that more time is required, please indicate so at the time of sale or purchase. If you choose to keep the old core and forfeit the core value, you are welcome to do this.

Either by the supply of used/recycled parts or rebuilt/new parts, we will try to save you money.


1911 King Edward Street or
222 Parkalne Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2R 0N3          


Phone: +1 (204) 633-2540             
Fax: +1 (204) 633-0732


Better Business Bureau
Automotive Recyclers Of Manitoba
The Automotive Trades Association Manitoba Inc.


Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.